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Back in 2011, Mike Jedlicka was asked to create a score for a 2-person, experimental dance project depicting the propagation of a spiky seed (Fawn Williams Nance) using a host animal (Ruth Waddy).  Mike asked for the assistance of his friend Tim Westcott (WNDFRM / Cloudburst), since they had recently collaborated on the Tabor / NW Passage 12”. Rough sketches were produced for the different stages of the dance:


- Storm: The pointy seed comes loose from the plant during a violent storm

- Host: The clumsy host animal exits a nearby cave after the storm passes

- Latch: The love / hate relationship between the seed and host as they come closer together

Attach: The seed attaches to the host.

                                                            Sketch of the spiky seed costume

                                                                 (by Fawn Williams Nance)

However, grants and other funding attempts for the project fell through, and by 2012, and the project was ceased.  Mike and Tim came back to the rough drafts a few months later and decided to finish it as a concept album.

The final product is split up into 2 parts: storm/host, latch/attach

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Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Black Knoll Studios

WNDFRM + Mike Jedlicka

Seed, oe011, Digital